Beyond being a typical collaboration between two authors or scholars, this book represents the culmination of more than thirteen years of work that Tod and Peter have done together in the area of marriage. The students of the institute they lead have provided a living laboratory for how to prepare for marriage, face and ultimately overcome its classic and idiosyncratic challenges.

The pair’s primary objective with their students as they head towards marriage is to help them focus both on developing a mature and idealistic vision of marriage as the primary vehicle to create wholeness, meaning, purpose and happiness in their lives, and on working to perfect the character issues that lie at the core of a successful spouse — giving, empathy, focus, staying power and a strong desire to help build the other.

Their work combines practical and mystical Jewish wisdom with modern theory and techniques, and with experience accrued through years of real-world implementation and practice. Their unique but differing backgrounds and accomplishments broaden the impact of their work and partnership still further.